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tonies is the original and most intuitive screen-free audio entertainment system in the market for kids 3+ years.

It's a kid-safe media platform and library filled with content from A+ licensing partners like Disney and Sesame Street, as well as original, exclusive content. Award-winning, too – in 2021, tonies was lauded as one of FastCo's Most Innovative Companies and a Good Housekeeping 2021 Best Toy Winner. More on tonies is included below.

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More on tonies:

  • The Toniebox system is specially designed for young children, promoting independent learning and play that can be enjoyed with or without parental supervision.

  • Features tactile, engaging navigation that incorporates the way kids naturally play into its operational design:

  • Kids place a Tonie figure on the Toniebox for instant playback without fumbling with lids and locking mechanisms found in outdated media players (e.g. CDs).

  • Only two buttons for volume control; kids tap either side of the speaker box to select tracks, and tilt the box at a 45-degree angle to fast forward or rewind tracks.

  • Closed ecosystem that doesn't require Internet connection to play following initial download of the content

  • The Toniebox lasts up to 7 hours after a full charge, making it a fully portable player to take on-the-go

  • Tonies are the toddler version of collectible, audible action figures, including family favorites like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and even LeVar Burton!

  • New winter 2021/2022 releases include:

  • Spanish-language: Tonies will release their first Spanish-language Tonies in early 2022, including Spanish Playtime Songs and Spanish Lullabies

  • Blocks: A new form factor that combines STEAM learning with the award-winning Toniebox system. Blocks bridge tactile play with original audio lessons for young kids, covering science, arts, technology, history, sports and much more, with narration by notable experts such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cristina Mittermeier, Jack Horner and Jane Lynch

  • New licensed offerings: releases include Disney's Frozen 2, Pixar's Toy Story 2 and National Geographic Kids

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