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Future Today is a leader in the ad-supported streaming media universe with its flagship channels – FilmRise, Fawesome and HappyKids – ranking in the top free channels across nearly every OTT consumer platform.

The company’s proprietary, cloud-based technology platform manages OTT services for hundreds of content owners, producers, distributors and major media companies helping them launch and monetize complex Connected TV channels across devices in a matter of days.

Our catalog of long-form content, from premium to independent, includes exclusive and first-run movies and TV shows, and are distributed by dozens of major OTT platforms (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Comcast Xfinity etc.) through a pioneering technology platform for both content owners as well as advertisers to find their desired audiences, at scale – all in one place.

Future Today’s comprehensive portfolio of technology and services includes video management, content management and publishing, app development and maintenance, cross-channel promotion, advertising, monetization and more. Learn more about Future Today here.

Vikrant Mathur, the co-founder of Future Today, a leading multichannel streaming platform that produces, distributes and manages hundreds of streaming channels to more than 100M households across the US and provides FAST channels to VIZIO, Roku, TCL, Sling TV, Samsung TV+ and Redbox.

Since launching his first streaming app on Roku in 2011 his company has experienced more than 500% growth since 2017 and 85% growth in viewership year-over-year. His flagship channel HappyKids, is available on every streaming platform and is one of the most downloaded free ad-supported kids’ channel on Roku.

This success could not be possible without developing Future Today’s own proprietary technology stack and developing meaningful relationships with advertisers, brands and agencies. Providing Vikrant with custom-built sponsorships and a better understanding of the targeted audiences they deliver.

We’d love to sit down with you during CES for a F2F meeting with Vikrant who can offer his insight into streaming’s latest developments, challenges as well as what’s ahead for 2022.

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