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Invoxia will be announcing its smart dog collar which gives pet owners the ultimate insight into their 'best friends' health and wellbeing, but we'd like to give you details in advance, under embargo if interested.

The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar is the first consumer pet tracker to utilize artificial intelligence to monitor dog health and wellbeing, and also its whereabouts.

Using cutting edge sensors, accurate accelerometers and embedded deep neural network capabilities, it will monitor a dog's respiratory and heart vitals, detect anomalies in a dog's behavior and alert owners and vets to potential health issues in a beloved pet, all while keeping track of the canine's whereabouts.

The Smart Dog Collar will be a game changer for pet owners.

Would you be interested in talking to Invoxia in advance of CES, receiving the embargoed press kit, or arranging a time to meet the Invoxia team and see the smart collar in action?

We look forward to hearing from you!



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