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I saw that you'll be attending CES. I work with BreezoMeter, the climate tech company that Apple, Volvo, L'Oreal and AstraZeneca recently partnered with to incorporate real-time environmental data into their products.

These companies are part of a growing movement by companies to bypass governments when it comes to reversing the effects of climate change, and instead use their everyday products to protect consumers from exposure to increasingly harmful air quality and pollution.

At CES, Breezometer will be unveiling its early work with L'Oreal to develop a beauty-driven Exposome Platform, as well as its 2022 initiative to provide media outlets with climate data so that air quality updates become as ubiquitous as weather updates on rain, snow and sunshine.

BreezoMeter's Paul Walsh—would enjoy telling you more about their work and what other companies can do now, rather than in far-off future 2025 and 2030 initiatives.

I've e included a few articles below with more information about Breezometer and would be happy to coordinate a casual meet-and-greet.



KIERAN POWELL Director, Media & Analyst Relations

Techcrunch: Breezometer, which powers air quality in Apple's Weather app, Launches Wildfire Tracker

Techcrunch: Breezometer, the iphone tool that measures air qualiry, raises $30m Series C

WWD: L'Oreal BreezoMeter Ink Multiyear Research and Tech Partnership

CNBC: How bad is the airquality from wildfire smoke?

The Detroit Bureau: Israeli company ensures that Volvo drivers know all about the air that they breathe

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